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Buying a Home

Buying a home is a joyful, exciting time you will want to share with your family and friends. But shopping for and arranging a mortgage can create so much stress that you have little time to really enjoy such a major event in your life.

Imagine a service that promised to search the crowded world of mortgage lenders and find the best deal available; a service that would make all necessary arrangements with the financial institution and talk with you at your convenience, evenings and weekends included; a service that could deliver the best mortgage rate and get an approval in 24 hours or less. Imagine if all this were offered absolutely free.*

If this sounds too good to be true, you haven’t dealt with Great Mortgages Canada with more than 35 years of lending and banking experience, GMC can do all this and more.

How Does GMC Do It?

When you talk with one of GMC’s professional mortgage agents, you have someone to search mortgage rates offered by major banks, insurance companies and trust companies. With their high volume and electronic search of the marketplace, they can negotiate a rate of 1.3% or more lower than the published rates of the five major banks. That alone will save you thousands of dollars during the life of your mortgage.

However, GMC isn’t finished there. Having found the best possible rate, with the features that are important to you, your mortgage agent works with you through the entire application process. You can apply online, never even visiting the lending institution.

First-time home buyers can take advantage of a special buyer program that makes it easier to make the transition from renting to owning. And you can transfer a mortgage at no cost, and your rate is quaranteed up to 120 days prior to your renewal date. You choose from a wide range of payment alternatives, from monthly to bi-weekly to weekly. And you have the flexibility to increase payments up to 100 percent.

Why is All of This Free?

Perhaps the best part of the whole process is that all these services are provided absolutely free.* The lending institution pays the mortgage agent directly. You never see a bill or worry about payment. Instead, you end up with the best possible mortgage rate with the least possible stress.

So you are free to enjoy the purchase of your new home

* No fee to qualified clients. A fee does apply when working with private or equity lenders

Your Full Service Mortgage Agent

Great Mortgages Canada refers its customers inquiries/applications for mortgages to Jim Young, Mortgage agent with The Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada.